EveryFi FAQ

In what countries is the service available?

If you are in Spain or Portugal, you are golden! EveryFi is initially launching in these two countries. While travelling, EveryFi users can use the app to connect to WiFi in any of the countries where our service is available.
In the next few months we´ll continue launching in more countries so your experience becomes a truly global one.

Who created the EveryFi app?

EveryFi is a product by Fon, the largest private network of WiFi hotspots in the world. Built in collaboration with some of the largest telcos in the world –British Telecom, Vodafone, NOS, Deutsche Telekom, Belgacom, etc–, its network has grown to 20 million wifi hotspots in 18 countries. Fon, with a unique crowdsourcing approach, is built by people – for people.

Fon has global deals with companies like Microsoft and Qualcomm and counts with the support of Index Ventures, Atomico and Google as investors.

Fon´s vision is to blanket the world with WiFi. If you want to know more about Fon, click here.

Where can I use the 300MB of free WiFi that EveryFi gives gives me every month?

EveryFi gives you 300MB of free data every month that you can use to connect to any of the WiFi hotspots in the Fon network.

What is the Fon network?

Fon, through its agreements with some of the biggest telecommunication companies in the world, allows millions of their customers to split their home Wifi signal into two: a private one for home use, and a public one to share with others. This effectively creates an extensive network of shared public hotspots to which all these customers can connect.
EveryFi is democratising access to WiFi by making the Fon network, previously exclusive to telco customers, available to everyone via our app. Every month you will have 300MB to use on any hotspot of the Fon network, as well as the choice to upgrade if you ever need more data.

How is a Fon WiFi hotspot different from the Wifi connection at my favorite bar or cafe?

In addition to the Fon network, EveryFi users will also have access to a growing network of hotspots located at public and commercial spaces (like restaurants, cafes, and other commercial venues). The app will connect you automatically whenever you come near a known hotspot, without the need to ever type or ask for a password. Usage on these hotspots is unlimited as access to them is provided by the owners of bars, restaurants and commercial venues as a courtesy to you.