A new WiFi experience on your mobile device

EveryFi connects you automatically to a nearby WiFi hotspot that offers the best possible experience. Enjoy free internet when out and about like never before!

Use your tablet outside your home

Turn your tablet into a true mobile device! Discover a new way to enjoy the internet with your tablet by connecting to EveryFi hotspots!

Ahorra dinero

Easily Save Money

The perfect complement for your mobile data plan. Allow Everyfi to connect to WiFi for you and save your mobile data for when you really need it.

Sin usuarios ni contraseñas

No more WiFi passwords

No need to ask for WiFi passwords at bars and restaurants. Everyfi has already done this for you!

Tu mejor compañero de viaje

Your best travel companion

No more surprises on your telephone bills due to inflated roaming fees. Download Everyfi to stay connected and enjoy your trip to France, Spain or Portugal.

Yes, every month

Download Everyfi and every month we give you 300MB for you to use however you like within our Fon network. No fees, no registration, no strings attached.

And that’s not all! Everyfi automatically connects you to WiFi hotspots in your city’s bars, restaurants, and venues completely free and with no data limit.

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Everyfi connects you to millions of hotspots in the Fon network...

... and to many more around you

Castilla y León

+ 56.000 WiFi hotspots available

With more than 21 million WiFi hotspots around the world, Fon is the world’s largest private WiFi network, built in collaboration with operators such as Vodafone, Deustche Telekom or British Telekom. Fon is also partner to Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Google.

What are you waiting for?

Everyfi connects you for free to millions of WiFi hotspots in France, Spain & Portugal with more countries to come

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